Aug 17, 2013

Modern Ruins - Black Hole

Created by Jeff Frost, Modern Ruins is set to be a 2 part movie created with the help of Kickstarter. The first half was released, using a total of 150,000 photographs and time lapse footage of riots, optical illusions and more to create an enrapturing experience similar to that of a more contemporary Koyaanisqatsi, centered around a concept of destruction for part 1 (Black Hole), and rebirth for part 2 (White Hole). The Kickstarter for part 2 is already doing well, and it's set to meet it's funding goal in just a few short weeks. Hearing Frost's thoughts on this project are pretty interesting, as he delves into his views of the world and shares his 'bigger picture' mentality.

Modern Ruin is a contemplation of the idea that creation and destruction is the same thing (this half of the film focuses on destruction). The white hole from which our universe sprang, and the blackness into which it may disappear testify to as much, yet these bookends of existence are inadequate to address everything in between. For a better sense of what it is to exist we must speak to atoms, trees, whole collections of worlds, and of course, womankind. 

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