Aug 30, 2013

Majin Station Trailer By Level 5

Hideaki Anno teamed up with Level 5 to create this pretty amazing trailer for Majin (Demon God) Station, an upcoming title for iOS and Android platforms. While it appears to be a typical anime style on first glance, I called it amazing after learning that the entire trailer was executed using Anno's Studio Khara digital team in 3D instead of hand animation, showing off the progress made in advanced cel shading pipelines for animation.

The last time we say anime styled 3D this impressive was back in May with the announcement of Guilty Gear XRD - Sign, which features some of the most seamless 2D style 3D running in an actual real time engine. That aside, Majin Station probably won't be making the jump overseas but I'll find any excuse to post work by the man who directed Neon Genesis Evangelion.

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