Aug 27, 2013

A Blizzard Cinematic Animation Reel

Ever wonder what 8 years of animation experience at one of the top companies in the videogame industry looks like? Senior cinematic animator Corey Pelton just wrapped up his 2013 reel, showing off tidbits of the work that he's been fortunate to animate for Blizzard during his 8 year (and counting) tenure on projects including Starcraft 2 and Heart of the Swarm, Diablo 3 including the recently announced Reaper of Souls, World of Warcraft and beyond. Pretty damn impressive.

If you still haven't seen the Reaper of Souls trailer yet, you should check it out simply for it's artistry after the break. I was as disappointed as anyone else by the troubled 3rd installment of the franchise as anyone else, but put those thoughts aside to enjoy a trailer crafted over months by a hard working group of artists, regardless of the companies questionable design choices.

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