Jul 2, 2013

Worth Checking Out - Ripple Dot Zero

I just recently found out about Ripple Dot Zero, quite possibly the first free to play indie game effort developed by the fine folks at Pixel Truss, comprised of Tommy Salomonsson and Simon StÃ¥lenhag. While giving this game a spin I realized that the developers had chosen to go down a very unique direction, choosing to emulate the 16-bit Sega Genesis era visuals and sound, ultimately creating a game that feels like an awesome mix of Sonic The Hedgehog and Strider. The game follows a penguin who awakens in a dystopian world and sets out on a quest to free his comrades across 20 amazingly well designed levels, using a mixture of upgrades that allow him to power up his gyro-blade attack or jetpack across levels.

The retro-licious game interface on the Ripple Dot Zero website.
 I'm just amazed that these developers chose to go the low key route with their development, a riskier approach considering the three year investment that they've had in this project, but after checking out Ripple Dot Zero I suspect the word of mouth will spread like wildfire in no time. Aside from the excellent visuals, the retro styled soundtrack was so good that I picked it up shortly after finishing the game, which clocked in at around 2 hours of retro flavored heaven. The devs went so far as to even paint a 90's style room around the screen which you play, totally sucking you into the retro themed experience they tried to create.

Vintage themed ad created for Ripple Dot Zero
In short, this game was a labor of love from start to finish by a tiny team of incredibly passionate devs, so much so that you can literally taste it. Considering that the title seemed to materialize out of thin air in a completely finished, polished state, this title really needs your attention. Go play the entire game for free on the Ripple Dot Zero website and spread the word!

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