Jul 9, 2013

Worth Checking Out - Little Witch Academia 2

Following the success of Studio Trigger's first installment of Little Witch Academia, an anime created over at Studio Trigger that was released for free via Youtube, the studio is at it again with a project to fund a sequel to the well received anime via crowdfunding. The original short was created using the Anime Mirai initiative, a government program intended to boost the training and mentorship of young artists, which yielded some awesome results if you saw the first installment. The project has already been funded and surpassed it's $150,000 goal overnight with close to a month to go, which means this project might get some truly neat stretch goals over the next few weeks, so get in the action and help fund some anime history! The synopsis from the creators below.

Little Witch Academia 2 (tentative title) is the sequel to the acclaimed animated title Little Witch Academia, and will once again be directed by Yoh Yoshinari and hand animated by Studio TRIGGER. The episode is currently planned to be about 20 minutes long, but we've come to Kickstarter in the hopes that we can make it even longer and better with your help! With your support, we want to increase the length of the episode by 15 minutes and make an amazing sequel that fans will be proud of! In order to accomplish this, we're hoping to raise $150,000 with this Kickstarter project.

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