Jul 19, 2013

The Pulpy Art Of Ramon Villalobos

Aside from having an absolutely amazing name, Ramon Villalobos also possesses a fantastic talent in the form of his comic book styled art, drawing influence from some of the best artists residing in the comic book world fringes, especially the meticulously detailed comic work of Geoff Darrow, who's work on comics like Hard Boiled (Still begging to be adapted into a movie), Shaolin Cowboy and Big Guy and Rusty The Boy Robot left quite an impression on a few generations of artists.

Ramon's work follows in a similar suit, and all that meticulous detailing simply leaves room for imbuing each character with just that much more personality, with not even a pant crease left to the imagination. Mix that style with a lovely dose of 90's comic nostalgia and Ramon has found himself a winning combination, paying a cheeky tribute to that neon-tinged golden age of comics when terms like 'comic book artist' and 'rockstar' were commonly used in the same sentence. Check out some more of his awesome comic book styled work after the break, and don't forget to also visit his New Cool Meat Tumblr.

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