Jul 8, 2013

I Zombie

Animated by Antoine Legendre as part of his final animation at the  École des Métiers du Cinéma d'Animation (Trades School of Animated Film), I Zombie. The animated short takes it's title literally, offering the viewer the experience of being a zombie via it's unique choice of perspective, switching to a first person mode after establishing the setting.

The short features a zombie called Andre Fischer, and his journey through a world transformed by an undead apocalypse. Unfortunately for him though, the memories of who he once used to be still linger in the recesses of his now rotting brain. With a creep score reminiscent of retro horror movies and a gritty, yet stylized art style, I Zombie is an awesome tribute to the George Romero era of twitchy, slow moving zombies and pacing. Antoine's choice of going black and white also elevates the creepiness factor, adding to the concept of the colorless world of the undead.

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