Jul 1, 2013

Ecstasy - The Dark Side Of John Malkovich

Internationally acclaimed Director/Photographer Sandro enlisted the incredibly versatile John Malkovich to execute his latest short film, a gritty portrait of a character called Vinny set in a grungy bathroom. Featuring the director's camera acting as a 2-way mirror, Sandro places the viewer in a position of witnessing a rather bewildering one-on-one as Vinny unleashes a torrent of abuse at himself while growing increasingly agitated with the assistance of some rather liberal drug usage.

John Malkovich as 'Vinny.'
Really have to give a hats off to the increasingly frantic editing by Whitehouse Post's Josh Bodnar and the post production enhancements by Carbon VFX to sell the unnerving feel of Vinny losing his grip on reality in this fascinating character experiment. In terms of Sandro's casting choice, I'm not surprised that John Malkovich went along with this cool experimental piece, considering his penchant for independent film and eccentric short films, and of course let's not forget Spike Jonze's unforgettable Being John Malkovich.

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