Jul 17, 2013

Capybara Games Releases New Super Time Force Footage; Head Explodes From Insanity

During our time spent at E3 we were lucky enough to stumble upon Super Time Force hiding in the corner of the expo. While our time with the game was limited, it instantly dawned on us how damn ridiculous the game was going to be. To put it simply, the game never slows down; you fight a boss, die, revert to a different hero, fight the boss again, die, revert to a different hero, and continue this trend until there's so many explosions on the screen you hardly know what to do other than shoot. 

The pure insanity of it had us a bit overwhelmed at times, but the time spent opened up a world of possibilities that no other game could pull off in such a fast and fluid experience. Super Time Force is set to hit XBLA later this year.

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