Jul 20, 2013

Bill Plympton's "Cheatin" Feature Gets It's First Trailer

Kickstarted back in late 2012, Cheatin' was successfully backed earlier this year, surpassing it's modest $75,000 goal. Fast forward to July and we get our first trailer, narrating a seemingly perfect relationship gone horribly wrong, and one woman's quest to tempt destiny. Employing an impressionistic, sketchy style with water color washes, Bill Plympton drew every single frame of the feature, 40,000 in total along with a crew of 10 artists employed to help with clean up and compositing. Following the Kickstarter, Plympton and his team kept a very robust production blog on Vimeo, featuring a few hours of behind the scenes footage. Check it out here.

In a fateful bumper car collision, Jake and Ella meet and become the most loving couple in the long history of Romance. But when a scheming 'other' woman drives a wedge of jealousy into their perfect courtship, insecurity and hatred spell out an untimely fate. With only the help of a disgraced magician and his forbidden 'soul machine,' Ella takes the form of Jake's numerous lovers, desperately fighting through malfunction and deceit as they try to reclaim their destiny.

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