Jun 17, 2013

The Art Of Lizzy-John

Lizzy-John is a female digital illustrator based out of Brooklyn. As a self proclaimed gamer, art freak and all around nerd, Lizzy got into the art game thanks to a talented older sister who drew her into the craft during her childhood. Her focus is definitely more illustration oriented, with her pieces being executed by scanning in pencils and painting over them in Corel Painter. The overall style, colors and thematic elements definitely fit in the 'modern American' illustration style pushed forward by artists like Jon Foster and Julie Dillon, with a few personal elements thrown in.

Lizzy is one of the few artists that we've featured who uses Corel Painter over the more common Photoshop or Sai packages. While the program has fantastic potential for creating more painterly work with it's intuitive brush system, it definitely has a steeper barrier to entry due to it's more complicated interface. Check out more of Lizzy's awesome illustrations after the break!

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