May 10, 2013

The Art Of Synthezoide

Gael Bertrand (Aka Synthezoide) is a jack of many trades in the 2D department, juggling a job at Gameloft, comic gigs on series including one of my personal favorites: Hellblazer, and a healthy dose of personal work, imagining up a slew of awesome characters and worlds. With a detailed style heavy on the lineart (With some exception), his work brings to mind the works of Jean Giraud Moebius and Geoff Darrow.

Looking through his gallery it already seems like he has a few comic series in the works, including a post apocalyptic family with a knack for racing vintage cars and blue dragons as well as his steampunk heroine called Constance Chesterton and her ensemble of eclectic friends. Check out more of his work after the break for a healthy dose of inspiration!

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