May 11, 2013

A Sneak Peek At 3A Toys Incredible Portal 2 Atlas And P-Body Toys

We just recently got some sneak peak images of 3A Toys' upcoming Portal 2 collab with Valve, featuring some absolutely incredible renditions of the sequels cooperative robotic protagonists, Atlas and P-Body. The figures are incredibly detailed, featuring fine details like nicks, scuffs and paint scratches, full articulation and light up optical sensors and portal guns.

 The 1/6th scale figures will be up for preorder sometime this May for an as of yet undetermined price, and based off the press release it also seems like these figures might come in a two pack for those with deep pockets. Based off of 3A Toys' historical prices, a fair estimate is that the figures will run aynwhere from $250-400 each, especially considering licensing costs. We can only hope that 3A and Valve will collaborate sometime in the future to also bring us a high end Team Fortress 2 line, because we're not broke enough just yet. Check out a ton more images of the absolutely stunning figures after the break, and start saving up for the preorder announcement!

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