Apr 12, 2013

Visual Punker : Futuristic User Interfaces


Visual Punker's Tumblr is a goldmine of examples of some truly memorable HUDs and UI interfaces extracted from a series of animes, movies and videogames. Ranging from The Avengers to Ghost In The Shell, his collection could be best defined as a snapshot of shifts in visual language over the years.

From a personal standpoint I have to say that the cyberpunk movement that was in full swing in the  late 80's/90's definitely gave us some of the most memorable UI's in recent memory. Kind of hard to forget my first time watching Yoshiaki Kawajiri's cyberpunk short Running Man, which along with Akira in 1989 probably ended up inspiring decades of HUD/UI work to come. Check out some more examples from Punker's blog after the break (Bandwith heavy).

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