Apr 5, 2013

Space Missionaries : From The Same Minds That Brought You Ugly Americans

If you're reminded of Ugly Americans while watching this new proof of concept trailer from Solis Animation, you're right on the money. Paying plenty of tongue in cheek tribute to classic scifi movies, Space Missionaries follows the story of a crew of spiritual astronauts hoping to convert the darkest corners of the galaxy. I personally think the premise is absolutely golden, although this show will need to find it's support via an online audience to become a reality. Considering how backwards and antiquated broadcast regulation is in the US currently, this will need some definite community boost to get somewhere. Are you game to help a new IP shine?

A statement from the creator of the show, M.R. Horhager himself:

'Space Missionaries is an animated series created at Solis Animation Inc., a Toronto based animation house. Our studio has a track record of working on funny, edgier content (Wondershowzen, Motorcity, SNL, Ugly Americans), and we wanted to keep that momentum going with our own IP. Our small, but dedicated crew put together a short trailer to give a clear feeling of the look and tone.

So far, we’ve gone the traditional route by showing it around to a few broadcasters but the unconventional adult-religious-science-parody genre is a tough sell.  Now the plan is to find an audience online, garner some support, and fingers crossed, we’ll get the opportunity to see Space Missionaries become a reality.'

Some additional promos spoofing Aliens, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Star Wars after the break!

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