Feb 3, 2013

The Art Of Mathieu Lauffray

Matthieu Laufray has been around for years now as a freelancer, having had a chance to try his skills at just about every field in the industry. Starting off as an illustrator for Dark Horse comic book covers in the mid 90's, Matthieu went on to branch into film, comics, videogames and more, accruing over 17 years of experience as a well rounded visual designer.

Among some of his more notable projects, The Brotherhood Of The Wolf, Star Wars graphic novels, 10,000 BC, and the Alone In The Dark series. His art style could best be described as painterly, with an emphasis on lighting and mood rather than detail. This type of work is great for establishing the general atmosphere for a world for say, a director trying to find the look of his movie or videogame. Check out more of his work after the break!

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