Feb 8, 2013

Music Video Roundup : Atomic Ranch, Gramme

Gramme's Too High marks the return of the disco punks to the game following a six year hiatus. If you ever wanted to know who influenced the sound of artists like Hot Chip and James Murphy, look no further. Gramme were some of the first folks to claw their way through the stagnating sound of big beat and house music, choosing to take a rawer approach to dance music. Their trippy music video for Too High will give you a nice taste of lofi disco, if you're not acquainted already.


Electro new wave pioneers OMD (Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark) partnered with German artist Henning M. Lederer to pay tribute to a warped version of the idealized American dream, tinged with overly materialistic tendencies. Coupled with the rattling, pulsating synth underbelly of the track, the video evolves from a Utopian dream into a dystopian nightmare. The track is part of the album called English Electric, which will be premiering on the 9th of April.

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