Feb 9, 2013

Adam And Dog - A Disney Animator's Beautiful Independent Project

Following a teaser released early last year for Minkyu Lee's Adam And Dog, the Disney animator's stunning independent short has finally been released by the creator himself online. Created by a team of six animators and  the guidance of top caliber consultants like Glen Keane (Just about every Disney movie, ever), this beautifully animated short brings us a bite sized Disney experience with a Ghibli-esque narrative.

The most refreshing aspect of this 15 minute film was it's subtlety, focusing on the theme of the joy of discovering a friend without a dash of dialogue or much exposition, leaving up to the viewer to draw conclusions about the setting and the characters. The story itself is a parable for the journey of Adam & Eve, and it makes sense considering the references to being cast out of some form of paradise into the vast unknown and the presence of some rather distinct symbolism in a few scenes. Despite the plight of his human friend, the dog's selfless loyalty never falters.

The short won an Annie award in 2012 for best animated short and is currently nominated for an Oscar in the short film category.

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