Jan 14, 2013

Where Nintendo Power Once Stood, A Phoenix Arises

It was a sad and gloomy time the day Nintendo Power closed it's doors for good, after 20 years of publication the Nintendo-centered gaming magazine came to an end in December of last year. For myself, Nintendo Power was what originally sparked my interest in both reading and writing and after 222 issues it felt like a legacy was cut short. While many of us are still mourning the loss of a great childhood friend a new face has risen, intending to the fill the massive void left after the departure of our dearly beloved.

Nintendo Force is an entirely new publication, filled to the brim with exclusive Nintendo content much like Nintendo Power. While Nintendo Power failed to provide actual online content, Nintendo Force provides a digital options for each issue, insuring that Nintendo Force is here to stay. I have to say, I'm really digging the first issue, it still feels like Nintendo Power, but presents a streamlined reading experience that I really appreciate.

If you want to help support the magazine I suggest picking up the first issue from their website over here. Unfortunately there's no subscription options just yet, but according to the FAQ, it's coming.

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