Jan 6, 2013

The Art Of Star

Star, or as she likes to dub herself online, ★ is an impressively talented 21 year old artist from China with a rapidly improving skillset and a steady output of quality illustration work. This was made most apparent after browsing around three hundred digital pieces created since her online debut sometime in late 2008, all the way up to her fantastic recent piece (Pictured above) called 'Dream Reflection In Glass.' It was surprising to find out that most of these illustrations were created in Sai, a rudimentary painting program that quite a few Japanese and Chinese digital artists seem to use. Might be worth checking out if you can't afford the hundreds of dollars to get a Photoshop license.

Moral of the story: All that hard work usually does pay off, so keep at it folks! Check out more work by the talented illustrator, including an awesome Legend Of Korra tribute piece after the break!

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