Jan 7, 2013

Nvidia Announces The N-Gage 2 (Now with more Android!)

I admit, the concept for Nvidia's new device titled as Project Shield is a neat concept; a portable handheld capable of handling current-gen visuals while still providing decent battery life. Unfortunately, it seems no one at Nvidia took the time to actually design the device and instead showcased a gaming device that looks more similar to a cellphone taped to a half-assed Madcatz controller than an actual gaming device. I'm actually pretty surprised people keep telling themselves that attaching phones to gaming controllers is a good idea. It's not.

As much as I want to knock Nvidia for the design, the portable console does sport some pretty neat features including wireless streaming of PC games, access to Google Play Store, and the ability to display the console on a wireless TV. While I highly doubt Nvidia can ever penetrate the handheld market dominated by Nintendo and uh... Nintendo, I do commend them for trying something somewhat new.

Hit the jump for the device in action, and wow yourself with "the graphics."

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