Nov 1, 2012

Mythbuster Adam Savage's Doc Ock Costume For Patton Oswalt

Halloween may have been yesterday, but one of the greatest stories from the holiday came out within the last day. Patton Oswalt, comedian and all around nerd, tweeted that his daughter wanted a costume to match her Spider-Girl costume. The mighty-helpful Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame answered the Bat signal and created an awesomely ingenious rendition of Doctor Octopus (The Spiderman 2 edition).

The 'sentient' arms are made of wraps of durable, lightweight armature wire covered in foam, resulting in easy posable arms. On a plus note, the weight of the foam arms were placed onto the costume wearer's shoulders rather than the waist and back to prevent a Bane-like back breaking scenario. Adam makes costume making look a little too damn easy. Also, how much for that Spirited Away 'No Face' in the background?

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