Oct 10, 2012

Awesome Ads Volume 1: CRCR's Lowdi And Banzai Studios' Lollapallooza

There's been a glut of fantastic ads overseas as of late, tapping into some of the most creative international collectives to create truly memorable pieces that are more art than the annoying garbage we are subjected to. McDonalds ads implying that hipsters love buying 8 piece chicken nuggets and heading off to the desert to play with sparklers? F*** that, hard. And hey, try using an instrument other than a ukulele and a xylophone to compose your god forsaken, mind numbingly dull, sterile commercials. Did I mention I really hate 99.9% of all ads? Probably preaching to the choir.

So yeah, that rage aside..What I like about these ads, a title they don't deserve is that they actually put some damn effort to add some style to the products they're pimping. A little personality really goes a long way to leaving a lasting impression, rather than fitting the mold of what everyone else is doing. CRCR is a French design collective responsible for ridiculously stylish shorts like Jesus 2000 (After the break), whereas Banzai Studio is a Brazilian group who have worked for a dizzying international array of clients spanning, MTV to Xerox. Enjoy these awesome ads, and look forward to the next installment.

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