Sep 3, 2012

Wafaa Bilal's Meme Junkyard - TechnoViking

Wafaa Bilal created a pretty awesome art installation at the Festival Of New Cinema, Digital Culture and Art, featuring the head of technoviking, a meme past it's 'digital prime' featuring a half naked nordic dude dancing his loving face off in public. The concept revolves around giving Twitter users the power to keep his head, or as Waffa put it, 'his ego' literally inflated by mentioning him in Tweets featuring the #technoviking hashtag.

The Meme Junkyard is somewhat of a silly concept, but it's meant to let users reflect about being constantly connected, and the strange cyclical concept of going viral, and how memes generate a ton of interest before abruptly fading into darkness again. The Technoviking meme went on to generate 40 million views in it's prime, spawn countless imitators, remixes and become a staple of internet pop culture. Check out a compilation of all the imitators, 'We Technoviking' after the break!

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