Sep 20, 2012

The Colorful Art Of NuccoNucco

I have to say that a lot of Japanese artists that we tend to stumble into have a knack for working with colors that on paper, sound like they would never work. Cotton candy colored skies? Every color in the rainbow on a character's armor? Well NuccoNucco delivers, with some truly vibrant art featuring an interesting hybrid style that I'd call 'painterly glitch anime.'

The 30 year old Japanese artists work features a slew of bizarre urban landscapes, cracked out color schemes that work surprisingly well, and characters inhabiting these surreal, yet familiar worlds that seem completely at home and serene. Looking at NuccoNucco's art is like getting punched in the face by a rainbow, and if you're in dire need of some visual stimulation, rest assured that this will do the trick. More work by the talented artist after the break!

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