Sep 28, 2012

The Art Of Hotel Transylvania - A Quick Look

Thanks to the kind folks over at Titan Books, we came into possession of a book we were actually looking forward to buying for Genndy Tartavosky's first foray into feature length animation, 'Hotel Transylvania.' Being big Tartavosky fans (Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, Clone Wars), we'd been intrigued by the movie since details started trickling out last year, and we're looking forward to checking it out tomorrow and supporting Genndy's future efforts.

As for the book, it's a hardback labor of love, featuring over 160 pages of visual development and commentary on the process for coming up with all the inhabitants of Dracula's resort, locales and more.   I had a blast checking out all the art and reading Genndy's thoughts on the production, as well as unfortunately spoiling some aspects for myself. It was totally worth it though, so check out the preview video above! You can get The Art and Making of Hotel Transylvania on Amazon for a very reasonable price of $22.

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