Sep 30, 2012

Sleep Art Is Coming To A Bed Near You

No, not Freddy Kreguer style tricks, just one really cool art project made possible via advances in sensor technology. The hotel chain Ibis is choosing 40 participants to take part in a pretty neat project, later to become part of a online gallery with winning guests taking home a true piece of there own dreams.

Using 80 sensors which detect movement, temperature and noise, a robotic arm will create the signals presented into a piece of art that could potentially be a bit of an abstract mess. You can enter through the site, and you know we will post the art once it's released but I thought I would give the project some publicity as it's an interesting idea. Who would love to be a winner and see how their dreams are represented through art? It's a really sweet idea and would certainly look nicer than the dusty Day of the Dead poster I have hanging over my bed.

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