Sep 12, 2012

Merci Satan - Jérémie Périn's Madness

Jérémie Périn is the French director and animator who unleashed one of my favorite, and most incredibly NSFW music videos of last year called NYE - Fantasy (Do not watch this at work), which was a breakout hit online with it's bizarre premise and Lovecraftian themes. Since then Mr. Périn has been working with Mondo on a series of odd little shorts with insane themes. His latest short, Mystery Boy could be straight out of a bad 80's straight to VHS premise, featuring a 2 headed, psychokinetic baby that's half werewolf and half robot. It's as awesome as it sounds, presented in a semi-anime style that brings back memories of Katsuhiro Otomo.

You can also check out his 'pilot,' starring Mr. Bob, an unfortunate looking tennis player with a very strange gift after the break! And if you want even more from Périn, check out Detective God, a short we featured back in July.

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