Sep 17, 2012

Mann Vs Machine - Robo Soldier's Robotic Plan

Dr. Face has become one of my favorite Team Fortress 2 Machinima creator as of late, always delivering top notch, humorous productions relevant to everyone's favorite free to play shooter. The morale of the story? You just can't win against those damn machines.

Speaking of which, it's been a few weeks since Mann Vs Machine launched, and I have yet to win a full campaign in Team Fortress 2's coveted new mode. I still have a half dozen tickets, the original ones I purchased sitting idly in my inventory What's the biggest problem? People dropping out in mass the second that you lose more than one round mixed with a slow matchmaking system. Now don't get me wrong, I love the mode and I kind of blame myself for not having more friends who still play TF2 in this day and age (Minus our UK Editor).

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