Sep 14, 2012

Lorn - Weigh Me Down

Damn, damn, damn. This music video is absolutely incredible, and comes courtesy of the excellent Milwaukee-based producer Lorn, who walks a fine line between glitch and smeared, visceral, atmospheric soul music. The memorable melody of Weigh Me Down is accompanied by equally haunting, 8-bit visuals, reminiscent of the look that the Superbrothers nailed with Sword And Sorcery. The video narrates a wanderer being plunged into a chaotic metropolis conquered by madness, before turning into an entity of darkness and destruction.

It's a spellbinding trip from start to finish, and you might just find yourself reaching for the repeat button. Weigh Me Down is from Lorn's newest album, 'Ask The Dust,' which you should get over on Ninjatune.

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