Sep 9, 2012

Bait 3D Red Band Trailer

Man, I found this JUST in time: Today is the premiere of the limited US release of Bait 3D, the newest in a long line of (seemingly) sh*tty horror movies. The beginning of the trailer makes me think it's going to be a disaster film, a la Day After Tomorrow or 2012. But then, hark! Is that a scary shark movie that I see instead? Or could it be the best of both (crappy) worlds?! It goes without saying: There are bad movies, and there are BAD, bad movies. While this doesn't look to have the degree of camp (aka awesome) as Piranha 3D, I have a feeling that perhaps this would be worth a shot. As in, wait until it's in the $5 DVD bin. Yes, indeed I must see this film. Stay tuned. Also, it's a Red Band trailer, so obviously a little NSFW.

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