May 10, 2014

The Illusion Of Life - The 12 Animation Principles As Visualized By A Cube

The Illusion Of Life is a tribute to the principles developed by Disney's legendary 'Nine Old Men,' who set the groundwork for modern animation education in the 1930's. During my time in college these principles were jackhammered into my skull, and we would have to do exercises of hand animating a flour sack with these 12 rules over and over again. Animator Cento Lodigiani created this video to narrate the 12 principles with a simple CG cube. Very informative, especially if you're an aspiring animator.

If you're interested in a fantastic animation guide seeing that The Illusion Of Life is now an out of print book, I'd recommend picking up the Animator's Survival Kit, which covers most of the same ground and beyond. Back in college it was mandatory reading material during our animation courses, and it did the trick quite well.

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