May 19, 2014

The Art Of Toshiaki Takayama

Toshiaki Takayama has been making waves for a while both in his native country and abroad with his awesome art, which has graced promotional materials for anime, various card games, arcade titles and console games for the likes of Konami and beyond. Aside from his wonderfully chunky mecha illustrations, which always have a nice sense of atmosphere and scale to them Toshiaki is incredibly versatile in his subject matter, creating pieces that range from scifi to fantasy, and even combos like his untitled mecha-knight piece above.

All of his pieces have a great sense of movement and calculated flow to them, while also making great usage of secondary elements like saturation to control where the viewers eyes land on his compositions. Considering the sheer amount of work he's pumped out over the years I'm not the least bit surprised at his ever improving skills as an illustrator. Check out just a small sampling of his work after the break. Minor nudity warning for those concerned.

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