Feb 19, 2014

Worth Checking Out - Nidhogg

While in the works for a while, Nidhogg recently joined the ranks of Steam titles, introducing this fast paced, side scroller pseudo-fencing game to a more mainstream audience. On the surface it’s a simple tug of war style battle visualized through the use of a barebones pixelated aesthetic. Almost immediately after starting one can begin to see a wealth of depth and options within a limited control scheme.

Players will stab, jump, roll, and disarm their way through each level, seeking to reach the opponent’s side of the map. It really gets interesting trying to predict your rival’s moves as it only takes one hit to be defeated,  respawning after a short period of time to continue your defense or assault.

It’s a unique title that’s just as much a sport as a traditional video game, with plenty of room for players to experiment with different strategies. You’ll want a buddy nearby to enjoy this one properly, but damn is it worth it. The game is available on Steam, so let the tug of war begin.

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