Feb 24, 2014


Ever since Virgin Airlines arrived in the US, I've pretty much stopped flying with any other domestic airline (About 90% of them share the distinction of being f***ing awful). In an era of cutting every single cost and making travel as tedious, annoying and frustrating as possible, it felt like Richard Branson's company set to reinvigorate it. On my first flight on the airline I found myself in spacious seats playing Doom 2 in a cool, purple lit economy cabin and ordering drinks from my seat interface. Is a little comfort too much to ask for?

Down to the safety videos on Virgin, they seem to have fun with every aspect of it. Trip is the actual animated safety video used on Virgin Atlantic, and it actually puts some effort into not being a generic, boring video. Mixing the typical information with touches of Western, Scifi and other genres the folks at Art & Graft created a refreshing take on the typical aircraft safety video. If you haven't given the airline a shot yet, I'd highly recommend it for the next flight (I wish I was paid to say that).

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