Mar 5, 2013

The Unreleased Designs Of Hotel Transylvania By Fabien M

Despite having had a chance to check out the art of Hotel Transylvania, Genndy Tartavosky's first foray into feature film, I recently ran into a batch of work I hadn't seen before from a talented French designer named Fabien M, who just recently released a ton of mostly unreleased work created for the film which showed off a radically different direction.

His comments on the project shed light on the somewhat contentious process of creating a new IP, which happens in most creative fields. Translated from his native language:

'In 2008 (5 years ago), I had the chance to work on this project as a character designer, I had to deal with monsters movie mummy , Frankenstein, werewolf etc ... I was part of the development of the second film, Hotel Transylvania in 3 or 4 will be counted in the end. Film production lasted seven years and several directors, with plenty of writers and designers coming and going in the process.'

Check out some truly appealing, colorful designs created for some of the hotel's range of guests and inhabitants after the break!

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