Jan 6, 2013

Synchronized Drops

Space Shower TV is currently Japan's largest music channel, and rightly so by adopting the practices that MTV abandoned in favor of reality TV and phasing out music as their emphasis. We covered their bite sized creative idents recently, created in a flurry of different mediums, and their recent 'Synchronized Drops' is a longer form piece, probably intended for late night broadcasting.

The 60 second spot was directed by Kosai Sekine and used no post processing, instead relying on shooting at a frame rate that matched the frequency of the speaker, resulting in the water appearing to free in mid air and run upwards. I had no idea that such an effect was even possible, but after a little research it turns out that the effect is known as a stroboscopic phenomenon. You learn something new every day, no? Check out the making of after the break!


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