Aug 13, 2012

Astronaut Dinosaur - The Paintings Of Scott Litsfield

The Coke Machine (Via)
I really resonated with Scott Litsfield's 'Astronaut Dinsoaur' work, a series featuring an astronaut wandering through barren, typically urban landscapes cluttered with pop culture references, corporate logos and other abstract imagery. The way I would best describe the journey of this astronaut is as one through our pop culture subconcious, bloated with nostalgic imagery implanted into our minds from years of exposure.

Scott mentioned that this series came out of his disillusionment with the way he saw the future as a child versus how it panned out, something I suffer from too. If there's one thing that proved to be a double edged sword about growing up in the eighties and nineties, it was the overwhelming sense of wonder about the future conveyed in movies and TV, where we would have flying cars, colonize distant planets and all diseases would be cured, with the 'future' always being touted as the year 2000. We're halfway through 2012 now, let's just say things didn't quite pan out the way I'd come to expect.

Scott ended up creating these pieces as a form of catharsis, a way to still live out and convey to the world the way he had always imagined the future would be. His usage of pop culture symbols and logos was his way of conveying the true 'modern urban landscape,' that we currently live in. You can check out more of his surreal, thought provoking work after the break. Pick up a print at Society6 while you're at it.

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